We live in a world of user-generated content. Media shared by users from various social media platforms such as Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, which have become mainstream for interactions.

We look forward to create a musical system that deduces body-sound mappings from interaction. In real world we observed that many activities and conversations at night times are conducted with beer and music, which are really popular around the globe especially in UK.

What we want to provide is a system to create, share, and combine music in real-time. Through converting social behaviors about wine culture into something that can help people play around with the music they hear using just the cups or bottles in their hands, we are trying to involve people more in this culture and let people have the feeling of ruling the music they share.

Imagine some guys are drinking beside a table and nothing strange happens. Then one of them put his beer on the table and suddenly they hear the drum beats sound coming out of the table. Another guy also put the beer onto the table and now another track of jazz piano sound mixed into the music. Unintentionally they triggered the interaction and now they can try different behaviors and see what happens with the music.

Team Member: Jiasheng Huang (Jessien), Junxi Peng (Derek), Liquan Liu (Leo).
Team Website: ldjstudio.com

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