In 2200, the virtual exhibition “Memory of the Earth” aims to remind human of the nature they no longer could see because of the human intervention over years.

The experience is based on the five-element theory of Chinese philosophy. We tagged six rooms in six different directions with five elements and void. Each room has a huge virtual space connected to the outer door. We set up specific interactions in each of these large Spaces according to the characteristics of different elements.

The way of interaction includes visual sense, auditory sense and kinesthetic sense.

Metal (金 jīn)


Wood (木 )


Water (水 shuǐ)


Fire (火 huǒ)


Earth (土 )


Void (This maze is a phantom hidden in the void)


More details will be posted on this website and our team’s website:
Team members: Jiasheng Huang (Jessien), Junxi Peng (Derek), Liquan Liu (Leo).

The code for the particle animation system is made by Keijiro Takahashi.

About the Author Jessien