Walk in an infinite virtual space,
with a limited physical space.

Over the past three months, our team has developed a new algorithm for redirected walking in virtual reality. This algorithm is both predictive and reactive. First, it generates a coordinate system based on the available physical space. Then, it uses angular deflection to redirect people. The Angle of deflection that needs to be completed is dispersed throughout the space.

Wall as the reference in the virtual space matches the wall in the physical space. They even can offer tactile sense. This algorithm does not need reset technique when users are near to tracked space boundaries, so the experience is continuous and complete.

We also did a demo scene with our algorithm. We call it Simulacrum. A 4 * 8 m2 room is used to generate an infinite virtual space. The introduction video of our demo scene and two short test videos of our interactive algorithm is attached below. After we finish the initial test stage, dozens of people have experienced our demo scene in the Bartlett. Most of them think that this virtual scene is convincing, they were immersed in the virtual scene and forgot the boundaries of the limited physical space.

More details will be posted on this website and our team’s website: ldjstudio.com.
Team members: Jiasheng Huang (Jessien), Junxi Peng (Derek), Liquan Liu (Leo).

Introduction video of our demo scene

Test videos of our interactive algorithm

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